Investing in Places People Love

Priority Funds is a private real estate fund that delivers a combination of strong dividends and significant upside growth potential through diversification, similar to a mutual fund.

Partner expertise you can trust

Combining in-house expertise with proprietary research and models to select top institutional and privately funded real estate deals nationwide to maximize long-term return potential.

Generate income and growth with tax savings

We target a net annualized total return per year for our investors of 12 - 15% and deliver an average annual dividend of 6 - 8%, with less volatility than the stock market or publicly traded real estate market.

Built for your investment needs

Open an account with our secure industry-leading investor platform, and track the investment performance of your portfolio, cash distributions, statements, tax reporting, etc. anytime, from any device.

Why invest in places people love?

Walkable areas, including Transit-Oriented Developments (TODs), have been the focus of extensive research for the past three decades. Studies confirm that people and commercial tenants are willing to pay a premium for a community with amenities. Notably, these areas offer the best risk-adjusted returns, making them a wise investment choice.

Receive Current Income and Grow Your Portfolio Over Time

Signing up with Priority Funds is simple and fast. We can automatically connect
with more than 3,500 banks, so no complicated paperwork is required to fund your account.

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